Sonic Paintings installations create interactive soundscapes in order to bring to life a story contained in paintings

We aim to add an interactive experience
to a museum visit by translating visual art into sonic experiences


SonicPaintings is a new way of experiencing visual artworks – it creates immersive soundscapes that bring to life stories contained in paintings, enhancing visitor engagement and empathy with artwork. It broadens the way traditional art can be perceived through the use of new multi-sensory technologies in a museum setting. In addition to the painting description and traditional audio guides, the viewer is able to hear a sonic interpretation of the information contained in paintings.




SonicPaintings installations interact with users by changing the sound perspective according to the position of a visitor. This way one can hear not only the ‘total’ soundscape but is able to listen to each individual person and situation in the painting. The outcome is an immersive experience that can stimulate deeper involvement with a piece of art for the average museum visitor.


By using best sound recording equipment on the market as well as cutting-edge technology we deliver highest quality of sound and reliable systems that provides unforgettable experience for visitors.




To achieve best quality in short story telling based on accurate historical information talented director/script writer is involved in all stages of project development. During the script writing process writer works closely with a historian and a linguist in order to have the best knowledge about a context of the story as well as particular characters from described painting.

It is clear that even the most exciting scenario will be boring if not performed in an appealing way. Therefore we hire actors/actress with interesting voices and good acting skills that convincingly play roles of unique characters from paintings.