Hermitage Amsterdam

S ound design for painting “Court Ladies Bathing in the Eighteen Century” by F.Flameng (1856-1923).

  • “Bathing of Court Ladies” by Francois Flameng

  • “Bathing of Court Ladies” by Francois Flameng

Painting description

Flameng has faithfully represented the architecture in the royal park of Versailles. However, he has added fantasy elements in the pool, such as the fountain issuing from the plinth of the sculptural group The rape of Proserpne. A historical entourage was required in this period to legitimize depiction of the female nude.The sumptuous costumes worn by some of the ladies place the scene in the time of Marie – Antoinette (c. 1770-89)



Idea and Artistic director
Developing team
Sound design and recording
Production Assistants

Zbigniew Wolny
Karin Spaink
Giulia Franceschini
Clotilde Lacroix
Vincent Boele
Emmanuel Flores
Ali Elgin
Casper Schipper
Zbigniew Wolny
Lilja Hermannsdottir
Reut Rivka Shabi
Angele Roelofs
Zefra Morreau
Mylene Baretto De Souza
Przemyslaw Siemion
Aleksandra Renska