Sonic Paintings installations create interactive soundscapes in order to bring to life a story contained in paintings

We aim to add an interactive experience
to a museum visit by translating visual art into sonic experiences

One of the main roles of our installations is to present viewers with an interesting yet realistic short stories contained in paintings. We would like to emphasize that although it is our interpretation of paintings it is be based on information and knowledge of cooperating with us competent historians and art history scholars.
Depending on the painting selected, the story may reflect a broad range of subjects, for example:

    • historical
    • sociological and economical background
    • forgotten customs and professions
    • information about persons and places visible on the painting
    • jokes and humor
    • gastronomy
    • interaction between people (i.e. from different social class)
    • information about a painter himself
    • information about important events of presented period
    • science
    • music
    • religion and beliefs
    • medicine and public health

Stories should be presented in an informal yet accurate to historical sources manner. Educational aspect plays vital role in our project and entertaining way of delivering it gives a chance for greater engagement of public.